May. 27th, 2010

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To Do Today:

- Shave legs. Success!
- Get car alignment fixed (hopefully for free, since they're the ones who screwed it up...), oil changed. ETA: "Wasn't us! Have you gone offroading, and are your tires flat?" (No and no. Fucksticks. I brought the car to you because it wouldn't start, and now it's constantly trying to drive me into a ditch. I'm really not in the mood to fight with you, but...) Called my auto place, got someone less condescending who told me to bring it in. Turns out that it wasn't their fault, and I am also not crazy. The guy who towed me on Friday wrapped the chain around the control arm to my back tire, instead of the tow hook, essentially turning it into a bendy straw. I registered a complaint with AAA, and they'll get back to me in "today or less than 3 business days". Again, fucksticks.
- Project for work. Redoing it again. I will never finish. Sent an e-mail saying it wouldn't be done today. Fuck it, I am so not in the mood, especially after our meeting yesterday... I need my day off to be an actual day off.
- [ profile] redisourcolor prompt. Hallelujah for extended deadlines.
- Own WIPs? (I'll probably fall asleep before this...)

Next day I have off, I'm doing something fun. I don't care if I have no money or 80 jillion other things I should be doing. Portland, maybe. Or Boston, if I'm feeling frisky. We shall see. <3

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