Jun. 21st, 2010

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Just got back from dinner with my BFF and her BF, and did you know that Margarita's sells russelrita's by the PITCHER!?

Omg. So good, yet soooo deadly. It's like a smoothie with alcohol that you can't actually taste.

The BFF was driving, so she only had one. Her ninja and I got fairly trashed.

I just took off my shoes. My feet are almost intolerable and I wish they would go away.

I fist-bumped Nate for smashing gender stereotypes. He's a costume designer. He designed one for me. It's awesome. Poison Ivy for the full-figured woman. If I get the material, he'll make it for me for Halloween, the only caveat being that I have to wear it at some point during NYCC. I'm undecided. My desire for a good costume is warring with my sense of embarrassment/self preservation. Though if this happens, I promise pics.

It might be worth it, since Katie's going as Harley Quinn, and Ninja Nate going as the Joker. DCU LOVE TRIANGLE GUYS. So maybe. We'll see.

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