Jul. 6th, 2010

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Review I just received for this story over on Teaspoon:

"awww poor Ianto if its not a half converted Cyberwoman, its the universe's biggest and most idiotic slut."

How the fuck do I respond to that? It's not even relevant. I'll let idiotic slide, because it's a matter of opinion; "oblivious" is probably a better description, but the only person Jack sleeps with in my fic is Ianto. Sluttin' with your partner ain't no sluttin'. I DON'T GET IT. And unfortunately, I have to respond, since evidently there is no "delete review" function on Teaspoon. Later, though, when I'm less pissy.

ETA, because I forgot to mention it earlier: I hate hate hate the term slut. Or whore. Or manwhore. Or their equivalents.

I don't know how rude this actually is, versus the fact they just stepped in my squick pretty hard.

ETA 2: My response:

Thank you for your thoughts, but please don't use sex-shaming language when commenting. Aside from being offensive, Torchwood is a very sex-positive show, and calling Jack a "slut" undermines his character.

Yeah... I dialed it back a bit after checking the reviewer's profile and realizing she was 16.

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