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I wish I had some kind of artistic skills. Ianto would have looked badass with a jetpack.

I picked up my comic books yesterday, for the first time in about two months. I had quite the stack, and I really enjoyed them. I culled some of the crap from my pull list, and there's been a marked improvement in a couple of the titles I was beginning to get impatient with.

I got the new Torchwood comic, but I haven't read it yet because I have to read them in alphabetical order. It's a thing. I'll get to it tonight, probably. (I also got the new Torchwood mag, so I can finally read the second half of Shrouded. We'll see how that goes, too.)

I'm really disgustingly happy to have Birds of Prey back, fugly-ass filler art aside (seriously, Benes? sleep on the job much?) and Fables is continuing to rock, since I've finally swallowed my pride and started reading it again after Bill Willingham pissed me off. I need to just stop reading creator interviews.

I have thoughts on X-Factor regarding characterization, relationships, the probability of someone getting knocked up every single time they have sex, and a sort of backwards comparison of the Rictor/Shatterstar relationship to the Jack/Ianto relationship. It really needs its own post.
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1. Dear Claire's: stainless steel my ass. My ears are green.

2. My fic for [ profile] tw_lucky_7 is killing me. It just sits there and stares at me with it's big, clich├ęd eyes, and begs for me to crumple it up and toss it. This is looking like it might be my skip week.

3. I've discovered I'm much more productive when I write by hand. Much harder to backspace or just click "don't save". This is why I have so many notebooks floating around my living room.

4. That said, I let my bff take my fic notebook home with her to peruse overnight and just now remembered...

5. ... that I had a couple of [ profile] touchyerwood prompts in there. One completed and posted, two that're half-finished because I got embarassed and chickened out, but what's there is pretty... uh... yeah. I'm procrastinating on going to get it back, because the walk of shame becomes proportionally more epic depending on how many of her roommates are home.

6. Reading Joe Hill's Locke and Key comics. Holy awesome, Batman. This is the kind of comic I've missed reading. There has just been so much suck recently.

7. Speaking of comics, there should be a Torchwood/Birds of Prey crossover. Seriously. Oracle v. Tosh. I'd love to read that.

8. Pizza, redheaded sluts, TW marathon last night = epic win. Much needed girl time.

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