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Mini-meta about memory displacement in episode 2x05 Adam. I'm pretty sure this all sounded smarter in my head.

I make some points about Jack and Ianto's relationship here that were made, better, by someone else first. For a good, detailed play-by-play of the Jack/Ianto relationship in Adam check out [ profile] nikki4noo's awesome picspam post here.

Okay, so Adam is a creepy alien thingymajigger who constitutes his existence by feeding himself into other peoples' memories via touch. You think, therefore he is. When he feeds himself in, he displaces your genuine memories to make room for himself.

Cut to spare your Friends page, also some pics... just cuz. )
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So I watched Torchwood in more or less one sitting. All three seasons, during the course of one rainy week in December, when I was laid up with the pig plague.

It took me a couple of days to sort my thoughts enough for me to actually write down what I thought of Children of Earth, and even then this is all very knee-jerk. I did my best not to edit it as I typed it up, because it's what I thought before I became at all involved in the fandom. I think I had a different take on a lot of it because I didn't have any expectations. It was all immediate for me. Looking back on this, even just a few months later, is interesting.

Edited to say: Obviously, spoilers for CoE.

All in all, I gave it four out of five exploded pterodactyls. )

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