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So, I'm working with the owner's son, and two twentysomething guys come to check in.

J: We've got you in a room with one king bed. Did you need a room with two doubles?
Guy: Nah, the one king's fine.
J: Are you sure? We have plenty of two doubles available, and that way you won't have to share.
Guy: *incredulous stare*
J: *blank stare*


Twenty minutes later:

J: Oh, they were gay!



Aug. 13th, 2010 01:27 pm
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I hate it when, after telling a woman something they don't want to hear, they then sic their husbands on me. Seriously. "You suck" with a side order of "grow a spine". Just because your 300lb keeper is getting all up in my face, it doesn't make me any less able to to provide you with a room on a night we've been sold out for six months, or to jam a second cot into your room with one queen bed because you booked through priceline and that's what they gave you. It just means I'm going to stop dealing with you, and you can call back on Monday when there's a manager available for you to abuse. If I ever see William Shatner, there are gonna be some words, lemme tell you.
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THANK YOU to whoever nominated me to the Children of Time awards!

Why do Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow insist on going on vacation at once? They're confusing my morning ritual of gratuitous lefty news consumption. Chris Hayes is cute, though.

I'm probably sticking around at the Holiday Inn, even though it chafes to do so, and I really want to stomp out in a rage of workers' rights and solidarity. But, I have seniority and benefits and a plan there. Our management company pays for half the cost of classes directly related to the pursuit of a hospitality degree. And they'll pay for all my books. I guess this is the price for which I'll swallow my pride. I'm going to compromise by making a lot of noise about getting security cameras installed. A. Lot. Of. Noise.

Going to my mom's house to do laundry! Will try to write something before she comes home -- the meme prompts, and my entry for [ profile] whoverse_las entry. And PS -- [ profile] whoverse_las, WHERE DID ALL YOUR PARTICIPANTS COME FROM!? Holy shit! Assuming one person expelled per two week period, this challenge is looking to run two years and change. Eek!

Ok, going to pick my dirty laundry out of all the random places it tends to end up.

PPS -- I really want to go see Inception! This needs to happen!

Here, have a gif. <3

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So my morning was going pretty sucky. Heart attack kicked it off, as well as another department on a witch-hunt for the person giving out too many corporate coupons (not me) and harassing me with dumb questions while I'm trying to navigate my way through 110 check-outs on my own, and a woman who closely resembled an aardvark screeched at me in the middle of a full lobby and accused me of lying when I told her there was no management on site right then.

None of this matters. Some stoner just came in off the street and asked me our nightly rate. I told him it was $189. His reply?

"Dude, are you smoking the Kool-Aid?"


Hysterical laughter ensued. He still has no idea what I thought was so funny. I sent him to the Motel 6.

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Just navigated my fourth guest heart attack. I think I'm bad luck. The EMT told me she was doing well, though, so fingers crossed...
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HAHAHAHA. Oh, my god, I'm a loser.

One of my favorite coworkers is leaving. Today was the last day we would be working together. As he was leaving, he gave Em a kiss on the cheek. The kiss he gave me was not on the cheek, and it was awkwardly thorough.

On the pull away, I was all like, "What the hell was that!?"

He said something along the lines that I seemed difficult to impress, and he asked if that impressed me.

I told him that he didn't exactly rock my world.

Then I turned around and walked into the doorframe.

(It turns out he's a better kisser than I am liar.)
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Supposed to be at work *checks watch* FOUR MINUTES AGO.


Typed "car won't start" into google, got (predictably) fifteen bajiiiiiillion hits. Typed "Hyundai won't start", and the first - THE VERY FIRST - page to come up was a forum of people complaining about how their '02 Hyundai Accents have a habit of not starting. Evidently '02 was a dud year for the Accent. This has actually happened to me a few times. It's been everything from the battery, to the transmission, to my-car-hates-humidity-try-again-in-an-hour. GRRRRAWR.

Trying to find a ride into work -- It's UNH graduation weekend, one of our busiest weekends of the year, otherwise I'd say "fuck it" and call AAA.

BUUUUuut I can't call AAA on the off-chance I find a ride, because I'd have to be here when the mechanics come -- which can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour and a half.

Also, I'm pretty sure the way I'm parked makes towing impossible.

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*pout* My plot bunnies all have fangs...
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I just had to explain to some idiot that, no, you didn't book a smoking room here, because we don't have smoking rooms.

I was very nice. She was very rude. I got her a (much less expensive) smoking room at the hotel across the street. Again, I was very nice.

As she was leaving, she called me a bitch. She has no earthly idea how close she came to getting a stapler lodged in the back of her head. None.

Also, I know everyone in the hotel across the street. Her stay is going to be something less than pleasant, I guarantfuckingtee it.

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