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A good friend to whom I completely owe my sanity has loaned me his old laptop for the next two weeks. It's an Acer and it predates God, but it has Explorer, so yay. :D
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So I might have... um... dropped my laptop? Anyways, now the power cord is really loose, and it will only charge if I have it at JUST THE RIGHT ANGLE. I brought it to Best Buy to see what they could do about it. I thought my warranty had just expired, but it turns out I have 5 days left on it. WOOO! The bad news is that I have to say goodbye to my laptop for two weeks while it goes to the HP laptop pit hospital. And even though there's nothing wrong with it aside from a loose connection, they're going to run a full diagnostic and I run the risk of having my hard drive wiped. Mother. Fuckers.

So now I'm burning everything I don't want to risk saying goodbye to onto DVDs, and trying to decide whether or not I'm going use my whoverse_las skip this week, even though I've got my fic 2/3rds written (in a notebook, thank jebus) and I really don't want to use it this early on.

So basically, I'm going to be doing crazy shit like reading actual books for entertainment for the next two weeks. Weird. Let's see how I do with an ~unplugged life~ for a while.

I'm really going to freaking miss you guys. :(

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