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I'm not sure what I think about this.

On one hand, if anyone's got the chops to pull this off, I think it's Kripke. And I'm kind of excited for the Sandman to have a larger fandom. I just don't want it to suck.

[ profile] whoverse_las is open for voting! I haven't had a chance to read the entries yet, but I've been hearing good things. :)


Get thy ass over to [ profile] tw_gleeclub for the Gold High Tops Challenge! Ficcage for a cause!
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I just got kidnapped and forced to eat my weight in french toast. The horror!

Also, we had a bit of a DC Comics love-in, watching The Losers and Batman: Under the Red Hood. I admit, I've never read the Losers, but the movie was highly "meh". There were a few funny lines, and some neat action sequences, but neat action sequences are a dime a dozen these days, and the plot was pretty uninspired. After movies like The Dark Knight and The Watchmen, DC really has no excuse for this kind of stinker.

I completely vetoed the idea of watching The Spirit. My dislike of Frank "whores whores whores" Miller is a rant for another time.

Under the Red Hood was a lot better. There were some tweaks to the established cannon that I thought really worked to tighten the story. Elements that fell kinda flat in the graphic novel really popped here -- especially the end scene, where you discover Red Hood's motivations. Wangsty in the comics, fairly devastating in the movie. I liked that they kept the same ending line, because the last two panels of that story arc were one of the only things that really stuck with me from the comics.

Also, I gave my friend $20 to pick up Mockingjay for me since I'm all limpy today. Patience: I don't has it. I'll probably finish it before I go to bed. All in all, it's been a pretty good day. :)

ETA: The [ profile] tw_gleeclub poll to cast Esther Katusi is super freaking close! Cast your vote here! You could be a tie-breaker! You don't even have to vote for who I voted for! (coughjasikanicolecough youknowshe'dbesohotcoughcough)
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Ten things I have enjoyed in the last week.

1. [ profile] writerinadrawer. If you're not voting, you really should be. Every week writers fulfill a prompt. The prompts are then unveiled anonymously, and readers get to vote for one winner, and one person to get stuffed into the drawers in the Torchwood morgue. The quality of writing is insanely good. Voting is still open until tomorrow, early afternoonish (3pm CST). Don't forget to read the rules!

2. Season of Mists by [ profile] ninjasnano aka [ profile] lookninjas -- This is a rewrite of what was already a pretty awesome fic, written for Torchwood Big Bang. It's a crossover with The Sandman, but only in the peripheral -- you really don't need any knowledge of the Sandman comics to be able to fully understand this. It's a CoE fixit, it's fantastically engaging, and you should totally read it.

3. Yesterday, this made blow soder out my nose. Also, it's hot. And mildly NSFW. GRRROWR.

4. Nothing Can Happen More Beautiful by [ profile] solsticezero is just gorgeously put together. Warning: discussion of suicide, has the potential to be major-league triggery.

5. [ profile] heddychaa has this awesome 7 parter, Plastic Dolls Floating Across the Atlantic, Toy Soldiers Crowding the Pacific. It's complete, she's posting one part daily (the second part went live earlier today). There's an intriguing mystery here, some terrific OCs, and if you comment-spam her she might continue with it. FLY, MY MONKEYS. FLY.

6. THE BIG BANG. OMG. *flaily hands*. I loved the color schemes. I... loved this whole season. With the exception of the silurian eps, and victory of the daleks to which I give a hearty "meh". I LOVE AMY. TIMES A WHOLE FREAKING LOT. I'm... trying really hard not to spoil anything here, so there'll probably be a whole new post so that I can spoil at will.

7. Just marathoned through the last four episodes of White Collar. OMG, I love White Collar. IT STARTS AGAIN IN JULY. omg.

8. Caught up on some of my comic books. "Red Robin" is making me love Tim Drake again. They're writing him a little more balanced now, and the more I look back at the last two story arcs, the more I realize his kind of insane behavior as a reaction to grief. The fact that he's beginning to rebound has greatly enhanced my appreciation for the author. He's starting to sound like himself again. His scenes with Super Boy in this last issue are tempting me to pick up Teen Titans again, but I've been burned by that title so many times now that I'm a little gun shy.

9. [ profile] redisourcolor is a Jack/Ianto fiction contest community. Every Sunday/Monday a prompt is posted. Submissions are due on Thursday, voting happens, and a winner is announced on Sunday. It's a cool community that could really use more participants. :)

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Just got back from dinner with my BFF and her BF, and did you know that Margarita's sells russelrita's by the PITCHER!?

Omg. So good, yet soooo deadly. It's like a smoothie with alcohol that you can't actually taste.

The BFF was driving, so she only had one. Her ninja and I got fairly trashed.

I just took off my shoes. My feet are almost intolerable and I wish they would go away.

I fist-bumped Nate for smashing gender stereotypes. He's a costume designer. He designed one for me. It's awesome. Poison Ivy for the full-figured woman. If I get the material, he'll make it for me for Halloween, the only caveat being that I have to wear it at some point during NYCC. I'm undecided. My desire for a good costume is warring with my sense of embarrassment/self preservation. Though if this happens, I promise pics.

It might be worth it, since Katie's going as Harley Quinn, and Ninja Nate going as the Joker. DCU LOVE TRIANGLE GUYS. So maybe. We'll see.
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Ever in a mood where you feel like you're looking for a fight? I'm in one of those moods. It probably means I should steer clear of the internet for a day, but... *shrug*

I'm going to hit something that doesn't hit back. Like my longbox.

ETA: Spoilery for DC Comics, specifically Cry for Justice.

Dear DC Comics,

I wish I knew how to quit you, because maybe then my blood pressure would go down... )

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