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I just got kidnapped and forced to eat my weight in french toast. The horror!

Also, we had a bit of a DC Comics love-in, watching The Losers and Batman: Under the Red Hood. I admit, I've never read the Losers, but the movie was highly "meh". There were a few funny lines, and some neat action sequences, but neat action sequences are a dime a dozen these days, and the plot was pretty uninspired. After movies like The Dark Knight and The Watchmen, DC really has no excuse for this kind of stinker.

I completely vetoed the idea of watching The Spirit. My dislike of Frank "whores whores whores" Miller is a rant for another time.

Under the Red Hood was a lot better. There were some tweaks to the established cannon that I thought really worked to tighten the story. Elements that fell kinda flat in the graphic novel really popped here -- especially the end scene, where you discover Red Hood's motivations. Wangsty in the comics, fairly devastating in the movie. I liked that they kept the same ending line, because the last two panels of that story arc were one of the only things that really stuck with me from the comics.

Also, I gave my friend $20 to pick up Mockingjay for me since I'm all limpy today. Patience: I don't has it. I'll probably finish it before I go to bed. All in all, it's been a pretty good day. :)

ETA: The [ profile] tw_gleeclub poll to cast Esther Katusi is super freaking close! Cast your vote here! You could be a tie-breaker! You don't even have to vote for who I voted for! (coughjasikanicolecough youknowshe'dbesohotcoughcough)

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